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U.S. Vacation Timeshare Tours Include Free Lodging , Show Tickets, Theme park Tickets & Much More...

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resort tours

Saving Hundreds Of Dollars For Only 90 Minutes Of Your Time.
 Is It Worth It ?

A U.S. vacation timeshare tour is a form of sales used by many Timeshare U.S. resorts to encourage tourist to consider purchasing a vacation Timeshare.
Most U.S. timeshare tours consist of a 90-minute tour of a vacation Timeshare condominium resort, guided by a one or more sales persons.
Most timeshare resorts are called “tracks’ indicating a kind of sales circle. You are first introduced to your “greeter” and taken to a table or counter and then asked a series of questions regarding your vacation in the U.S..
After your tour of the U.S. resort, some sort of snack and drink is offered to make you feel more relaxed,  ending with one or more salespeople (and often the sales manager) sometimes called a “closer” asking  for the purchase.
Depending on the team of sales persons, many 90 minute tours end with smiles and thanks.

Most  companies sending the guest to a Timeshare tour normally receive some sort of referral fee, unless it was the actual resort itself that signed the tourist up, which has resulted in a large industry involving OPC locations throughout the U.S. area.
However dull or uninteresting this all may sound, statistics have proven that one out of ever ten tourist that go on a timeshare tour in the U.S. buy.
The reasons are many but the dominant incentive that feeds the timeshare line in the U.S. is the year round activity of  U.S. shows, golf and the beautiful surrounding U.S. lakes and facilities. Many high valued  “gifts” are given to a U.S. tourist who is willing to take a tour.
The U.S. is considered the KING of timeshare destinations because of it’s tourist age, income and demographics.

All in all, a timeshare tour in the U.S. is a worth while event. Tourist learn many things about the U.S. area they are touring and are rewarded generously for taking the tour.
Literally, hundreds of dollars can be saved and many free shows, lodging, theme park tickets ect,  are given for taking only 90 minutes out of your day.
If you can save hundreds of dollars or more by going on a timeshare tour, is it worth it? The majority of U.S. citizens say, Yes!

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