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Soul Destination Spiritual Meditation Florida Retreat

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Soul Destination Weblog


We as human beings have a tendency to avoid the pains of life and gravitate towards the the things that make us feel good. Do you agree?
Let us examine this quality of ours and see what good comes of it.  If a child is playing outside and becomes very dirty, covered in mud and smells like yesterdays garbage what should the mother do?
If she allows the child to come in and sit on her white dress there will be two dirty persons instead of one. If the child is allowed to wonder around the house the whole house will become dirty and smelly.
The loving mother wants to hold her child and show her love but she must Clean her child up first.
With loving arms the mother picks her child up ( at arms length ) and carries the child to the hot soapy watery tub that awaits him or her.
At first the child cannot understand the actions of his mother. The child like mind thinks, "mother should love me, hold me, take gentle care of me, but instead she is putting me in very hot water, scrubbing me very hard with a stiff brush". "Mother will not let me play or get out of the hot water until she says so".
After the cleaning processes is over, the mother drys offs her son or daughter and holds him or her with so much love that only as a child do we know whats it like.
Question, Do feel at times as if you are being put in very uncomfortable places? Are there forces at work in your life that seem to be holding you back from the things you really want to do? Have outside forces stronger then you held you down for no apparent reason? If so, you are being Cleaned.
We may not like it or want it but thank God its not up to us.
God wants to clean all of us but only some of us are ready enough and weak enough to let the process continue thoroughly.
Our creator knows what he is doing. Don't fight it. Let the cleaning process go on. It will not last forever.
Find Out More, HERE
Soul Destination Florida Spiritual Retreat
Who is able to enjoy a vacation? Or for that matter, who is able to enjoy life if within our own selves were struggling for peace and happiness.
Regardless of how much money we have or some other people may have, or how famous or beautiful we may or not be, if within our own selves we have not found our soul, nothing else is of any use.


Fortunately, there are two wonderful places in the U.S. where a person ”just like you and I" can visit.  This beautiful Florida meditation retreat have both the facilities and the opportunity for our spiritual Soul’s awakening.


No religion, no clergy or priest, just you and the open Florida ocean air. This spiritual facility offers vegetarian meals, showers and roof covered buildings for you to practice your meditation's and to talk with others (if you like) that are searching and finding the same peace that you want.


Leave your troubles and problems behind and come to a place that is full of so much love, peace and rest that you’ll never want to leave.




Have you ever seen two children fighting over a toy that both of them want keep for themselves?
It's interesting to watch all the tears and anger that those two little ones will cause over a simple material item that they each think belongs to them. Whats even more interesting is when the Master of the house comes into the room and says "playtime is over"  and both children are forced to leave empty handed.
At that point both children are awakened to the fact that their false ideas of ownership has come to an end.  They find out that the toy was only there to use and enjoy for their betterment, not to keep. That it was given not to claim ownership to, but only to share with one another.
They find out to late that the arguing and fighting to hold on to the toy was a waste of their energy, that it was all a terrible mistake and a great loss of precious childhood time.  They must now walk away completely empty handed having no choice in the matter. 
And so it is with we the adults.  All our material items ( our toys ) must also be given up and walked away from someday.
We too must realise that all the hatred and greed that we cause to one another, our tears and false beliefs that we could somehow keep what we have in this world is no more true then the children trying to hold on to their insignificant items.  We must also awaken and understand that everything in this world, be it material items or relationships, ALL must be given up when the Master calls.
We must realise that NOTHING in this world really belongs to us, its all a temporary illusion being used against us by negativity. 
Lets not act and think like children when it comes to the things of this world. Lets realise that everything around us is only temporary and someday must be given up.
Lets take the hooks out of our mouths and stop swimming after false hopes. Lets learn to live freely in this world without any illusions of gain or ownership. 
When the Master comes to receive us, lets rise to our feet with complete understanding and walk away from this world with no reservations or regrets. Lets realise that we are Souls who need nothing but God.


Best U.S. Spiritual Meditation Retreats

The best spiritual meditation retreats in the U.S. are located in Florida and Oregon. These two U.S. spiritual retreats are by far the best meditation locations in the U.S.  They offer seekers of truth the best opportunity to find God within ones own self. Which is the Key for all successful spiritual meditation?

In no other place can God be found fully except within ourselves. Regardless of how bad we think we are. Regardless of how many terrible things we think we have done. Regardless of how old or how young we think we need to be to find God. Going within our own selves is the only place to find the Kingdom of God and God fully.


This is our great opportunity in life to find our true self as Soul. At these U.S. spiritual meditation retreats you and I have the good fortune to find God and experience His love and mercy for ourselves Right Here & Now.



Seek God And The Kingdom Of God "WITHIN" And Everything That Is Good Will Be Added And Given To You!
Life in this world is a constant struggle. Don't let any one or anything fool you about this. People with more money then you, or, some one who has a mate or more friends then you ect, all are suffering.
Movies and television, songs and material objects would have us believe that happiness can be found with having something Outside of ourselves. This is also incorrect. Peace and happiness can only be found within ones own self. Why? Because within our own selves we find God as Soul.

Best Spiritual Retreats in The World.

There is no other place best suited for spiritual meditation then the Florida retreat center in America. This fantastic place is ideal for going within ones self and finding his or hers own soul.


A few times every decade, the Most powerful of All spiritual Masters arrive and give Their blessings and guidance of proper and effective mediation to everyone at the retreat. It is an experience that Hollywood’s best producers could not imagine or design.


To sit in the mist of a Great Sant Mat Master is one of the all time greatest events a person could experience on earth.

There is no other place in the entire universe where God can be found except Within our Own Self as Soul. 
Dust thou art, and to Dust thou shall return. Our bodies, jobs, money, fame and everything else in this world will eventual decay and die. Our true self, our real self is within. We are Souls!
God has given each and everyone one of us a droplet of His own self, our Soul.
The only way to find God is to find our Soul within.
It has been said over and over for thousands and thousands of years, "above all else, Know Thyself "
No one can ever say that God was not with them. God has always been with us, inside. Now we have the great fortune and opportunity to find Him!
For more information about this wonderful spiritual retreat in Florida.

Above All Else, "Know Thyself As Soul"
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